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Murphy Ring Splints®
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Murphy Ring Splints®

Purpose:  To support finger joints (middle joint or small
                 joint) in proper alignment.

Benefits:  1.  Prevents aggravation of swan neck and
                     boutonnière finger deformities.
                2.  Controls angulation deformities (swaying) of
                     finger joints.
                3.  Prevents collapse or "buckling" of weak
                     fingers on grasping or pinching activities.

Wear Time:
  Daily, during hand use.

Designed to help correct swan-neck deformity of the middle finger joint, these splints restrict abnormal hyperextension while allowing active flexion at the middle finger joint.  Can be used on the middle and small joints of fingers to provide lateral stability and joint protection.  Can also be used upside down on the small joint of the fingers to provide  stability on pinching tasks.  Made from high-grade stainless steel spring wire, Murphy Rings hold their shape, do not rust, and are durable.  To determine size, measure the circumference of the involved joint in centimeters (see chart below). For half sizes, select the next larger size. Sizes 5 to 11 are also available in sterling silver.

             Ring Size    Circumference of Joint
                   2 -------------------- 4.1 cm
                   3 -------------------- 4.4 cm
                   4 -------------------- 4.7 cm
                   5 -------------------- 5.0 cm
                   6 -------------------- 5.3 cm
                   7 -------------------- 5.7 cm
                   8 -------------------- 6.0 cm
                   9 -------------------- 6.3 cm
                 10 -------------------- 6.6 cm
                 11 -------------------- 6.9 cm
                 12 -------------------- 7.2 cm
                 13 -------------------- 7.5 cm

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This product has been reviewed by a Certified Hand Therapist.  Use this product to control the following types of arthritic deformities:

           Wrist Radial Drift
           MCP Joint Ulnar Drift
        > Boutonierre Deformity
        > Swan Neck Deformity
        > IP Joint Angulation Deformity